Norway Orders Additional Naval Strike Missiles in $45M Deal

Norway has ordered additional Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) for its navy.

Under a 487-million Norwegian kroner ($45 million) supplemental agreement, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace will supply an undisclosed number of missiles.

The contract delivery schedule was not revealed.

“Kongsberg appreciates the strong collaboration with the FMA (Norwegian Defence Material Agency), and we look forward to continuing to deliver the market-leading Naval Strike Missiles to the Norwegian Navy,” Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace President Eirik Lie said

This is the third contract Oslo has signed within two years for the procurement of the anti-ship missile.

Norway signed a $169-million deal in November 2021 and a $61-million agreement in December 2022.

Naval Strike Missile

The Norwegian Navy inducted the $2 million missile in 2012. 

Four more navies have since then bought NSM, including the US Navy.

Poland is the missile’s latest customer, placing a $2-billion order last week.


The 400-kilogram (880-pound) missile can strike a target 200 kilometers (120 miles) away, while the NSM 1A has an added range of 50 kilometers (31 miles).

It features a 120-kilogram (260-pound) warhead and a speed of Mach 0.93.

The missile is lighter than other anti-ship missiles and, together with its airframe design and high thrust-to-weight ratio, provides greater maneuverability, according to the manufacturer.

The missile uses Inertial, GPS, and terrain-reference navigation. 

Additional features include an imaging infrared system for terminal homing and a seeker equipped with autonomous target recognition.

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