Norway Orders Additional Naval Strike Missiles in $169M Deal

The Royal Norwegian Navy has ordered naval strike missiles (NSM) and “life extension of the existing inventory of NSM” in a deal worth 1.4 billion Norwegian kroner ($169 million), Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS disclosed in a press release.

Under two contracts signed with the country’s procurement agency, the Scandinavian country’s navy will receive the NSMs for its frigates and corvettes, while the existing inventory will “go through a series of maintenance actions to extend their operational timeline.” This will continue to provide “state of the art defense capabilities” for the navy, Kongsberg said.

Naval Strike Missiles

The company describes its Naval Strike Missile as a “fifth-generation missile” designed for sea-to-land or sea-to-sea strike capabilities. It has a low radar signature that allows it to strike well-defended targets “with the ability to penetrate the most advanced air defense.”

Featuring “integrated sensors” the missile can seek and locate targets and includes a safety mechanism to minimize collateral damage and “self-destruct” capability unable to find its intended target.

It has a range of up to 100 nautical miles (115 miles or 185 kilometers) and is the primary weapon on Norwegian frigates and corvettes.

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