Poland Orders Hundreds of Naval Strike Missiles for $2 Billion

Poland has announced the procurement of “several hundred” Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) from Norwegian defense giant Kongsberg.

The deal, worth 8 billion Polish zloty ($2 billion), was signed on the first day of the International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in southern Poland.

The anti-ship missile system is expected to boost Warsaw’s coastal defense capabilities along the Baltic Sea.

Apart from the missiles, Kongsberg will also provide command vehicles, missile launchers, and simulators to the Polish armed forces.

The company will also provide training and technical support to enable Polish military mechanics to conduct maintenance services on home soil.

Deliveries of the NSMs will begin in 2026.

‘Largest Contract to Date’

Kongsberg said the recent agreement with Poland is the largest single contract it received in the company’s history.

It is a testament to the country’s trust and confidence in the NSM and its commitment to ensuring that it has crucial defense capabilities for modern warfare.

The Norwegian firm said it is proud and ready to support Warsaw in defending its territory and citizens.

“The determination demonstrated by the Polish Ministry of National Defence to acquire more NSM is a sign of trust and confirms that our system represents the most effective capability available,” Kongsberg President Eirik Lie stressed.

About the Missile

Norway’s NSM is a sea-skimming, over-the-horizon missile capable of striking targets more than 185 kilometers (115 miles) away.

Regarded as the world’s most advanced naval strike missile, the fifth-generation weapon can be launched from both land- and sea-based platforms.

According to Kongsberg, the missile’s stealth design makes the weapon difficult to detect by enemy radars.

Its advanced seeker system also enables autonomous target recognition and precise strike capability.

The NSM is currently in service with 12 countries.

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