EDA Inks Joint Procurement of 155mm Ammo for EU, Ukraine Donation

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has signed eight framework contracts supporting the joint procurement of 155-millimeter rounds for EU members.

The effort is part of the 2023 Collaborative Procurement program seeking ammunition to replenish EU member nations’ stockpiles and aid the Ukrainian government in defense against the Russian invasion.

A total of 26 countries are included to date. More state partners expressed intent to join the arrangement in the future.

Howitzer Replenishment

According to EDA, most rounds ordered in the latest framework contracts will refill supplies for self-propelled howitzers the EU members have sent to Ukraine.

These systems include Poland’s AHS Krab, France’s Caesar, Slovakia’s Zuzana, and Germany’s Panzerhaubitze 2000.

Krab self-propelled howitzer
Krab self-propelled howitzer. Image: Huta Stalowa Wola

“We are taking another step forward in our three-track ammunition initiative,” EDA Head Josep Borrell stated.

“Time is of essence. Putin does not show any sign of letting up in his aggression against the Ukrainian people. This is why our military support for Ukraine’s defence must continue.”

‘Best Deals Possible’

Details on industry partners and order values were not disclosed to comply with associated legal obligations and protect the ongoing negotiations.

“The signing of these framework contracts between EDA and the European defence industry shows our capacity to swiftly secure the best deals possible for EU Member States and Norway,” EDA Chief Executive Jiří Šedivý said.

“We are now offering viable opportunities for Member States to place orders with industry through EDA, either to support Ukraine or to replenish their own national stocks.”

“It is now up to Member States to make full use of these options.”

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