Russian Hackers Suspected to Have Leaked Sensitive UK Military Data

A group of Russian hackers known as LockBit recently accessed gigabytes of sensitive data related to British military and intelligence sites, the Daily Mail Online has reported.

The hackers reportedly targeted Zaun, an England-based provider of fences for maximum security sites.

According to the company, LockBit breached a rogue Windows 7 computer that was running software for one of its manufacturing machines.

“Our own cyber security prevented the server from being encrypted,” it stated. “We have been able to continue work as normal with no interruptions to service.”

However, Zaun confirmed that the hackers managed to download approximately 10 gigabytes of data from vulnerable computers.

Sensitive details about the country’s HMNB Clyde nuclear submarine base, Porton Down chemical weapons laboratory, and a GCHQ communications complex have reportedly been compromised.

It is believed that the hacked information was posted on the dark web after the incident.

A ‘Huge Concern’

LockBit reportedly managed to download detailed drawings of perimeter fencing and a map highlighting installations at Cawdor, a British Army site in Pembrokeshire.

Documents relating to a string of jails were also believed to have been stolen during the cyber attack.

Members of the British Parliament warned that any sensitive security information could be transferred to UK enemies, creating a “huge concern” for the country.

A source from the defense industry said the issue is now being taken “very seriously,” but assured that there is no indication that the stolen data presents a real threat to national security.

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