Finland Announces $100M Additional Military Aid to Ukraine

Finland will deliver additional military aid to Ukraine to support its defense against the Russian invasion.

The latest donation, approved by Finnish President Sauli Niinistö earlier this week, serves as the government’s 18th tranche of defense packages to the Ukrainian Armed Forces since Moscow’s attack.

Articles included in the new assistance amount to approximately 94 million euros ($101.56 million).

This makes Finland’s combined replacement value of donation to Ukraine about 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion).

Finland said that the support package is already prepared and will address the existing needs of the Ukrainian warfighters.

However, the government did not disclose the military aid’s additional details, such as contents and shipping timelines, to sustain the delivery’s security.

“The support of Finland and our allies to Ukraine remains unwavering,” Finnish Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen said.

“The core issue in terms of the future security order in Europe and in Finland is to be able to curb Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

Finland’s Latest Military Donations to Ukraine

Finland and Estonia signed an agreement last March to re-export 1960s-era D-30 towed howitzers to Ukraine, increasing the country’s firepower against Russian forces.

During the war’s anniversary in February, the Finnish government pledged three Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Ukrainian military.

A month earlier, Finland’s Interim Defense Minister Mikko Savola announced 400 million euros ($432.42 million) of military aid incorporating heavy artilleries to Ukraine.

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