Amentum Joins $3.2B US Army Engineering Solutions Program

Amentum has received a multiple-award gateway to sustainment (G2S) contract to provide engineering solutions for the US Army.

With a maximum value of $3.2 billion, the effort will secure rapid procurement and deployment of systems required by the service, including electronic warfare, mine detection, aircraft survivability, training, and counter-improvised explosive device capabilities.

The G2S also features options for future obsolescence monitoring, ancillary engineering, and test and evaluation services.

Work for the contract will support the US Army Communications and Electronics Command, the Defense Logistics Agency, associated US defense segments, and other federal agencies.

Sustaining Operational Forces

The Virginia-based firm will leverage its expertise in providing engineering upgrades, scientific solutions, and technological advancements for the project.

Amentum will address gaps in hybrid contractor support, supply chain, Form, Fit and Function replacement parts, and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages.

CH-53K King Stallion conducting cargo exercise
CH-53K King Stallion conducting cargo exercise. Photo: Cpl. Adam Henke/ US Marine Corps

“G2S offers Amentum the ability to work with the government to sustain our operational forces,” Amentum Operations Senior Vice President Jack Kasiski explained.

Amentum Engineering, Science, and Technology Group President Jill Bruning added, “G2S is another great opportunity for Amentum to provide our cutting-edge solutions and leverage our expertise in technology and engineering modernization for the US Army.” 

Amentum’s Latest Projects

Amentum signed an $818-million agreement in April to provide similar sustainment services for the US Navy’s F-16 Viper adversary fighter jet fleet.

A month earlier, the firm received a $4.6-billion contract to deliver commercial buying solutions for the US Department of Defense’s foreign military sales customers.

In February, the Amentum accepted a separate contract from the US Army to support engineering, logistics, and sustainment for US-donated military equipment donated overseas.

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