AeroVironment to Acquire US Tech Firm Tomahawk Robotics

AeroVironment has announced its planned acquisition of fellow American technology firm Tomahawk Robotics for $120 million.

The move is expected to enable deeper integration of both companies’ state-of-the-art technologies to create improved products for the military.

It would also allow warfighters to operate existing robotic solutions made by AeroVironment and Tomahawk Robotics using one common controller.

“The acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics will not only provide AeroVironment with strong new members of our team, but a quality brand and products that are widely respected in the industry,” AeroVironment CEO Wahid Nawabi said.

Once the acquisition is finalized, Tomahawk Robotics will become part of the Virginia-based firm’s small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) business unit.

Best Products

AeroVironment is the producer of the famous Switchblade kamikaze drone currently in service with multiple militaries, including the US and the UK.

It also manufactures the Puma ultra-lightweight UAS that supports day and night intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

Tomahawk Robotics produces artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled robotic control systems that enhance situational awareness and enable precise strike capability.

The company also supports tactical networking that allows drones to collaborate and be part of a “heterogeneous swarm” that searches for targets and sends coordinates to weapon operators.

“Tomahawk Robotics’ solutions will accelerate our adoption and implementation of AI and autonomy into AeroVironment platforms,” AeroVironment Senior Vice President Trace Stevenson stressed.

“We’re confident that the combined experience and expertise of our two teams will result in a variety of unmatched unmanned expeditionary vehicles.”

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