Rheinmetall Acquires Dutch Startup REEQ, Ventures Into Light Hybrid Vehicles

Rheinmetall has acquired REEQ, a Dutch startup specializing in lightweight tactical vehicles.

The acquisition was completed through Rheinmetall’s Dutch subsidiary, signaling the company’s adoption of hybrid technology into its portfolio.

Rheinmetall is expected to develop new technologies in manned and unmanned light tactical mobility, building on REEQ‘s electric-powered unmanned ground vehicles, buggies, and quad bikes.

A statement by the defense manufacturer explained that the move is in response to many calls by Dutch politicians and leaders to boost its defense industry’s industrial strength and specialization.

Expanding the Business

In addition to venturing into the tactical vehicle business, Rheinmetall has also expanded its presence in ammunition production.

The second phase of construction of its plant in Hungary was greenlit in February as demand for ammo production continues to rise amid the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Similarly, it began construction of a factory to produce artillery ammo, explosives, and rocket artillery parts in Unterlüß, Germany.

It is also currently in talks with the Lithuanian government to open an arms factory.

The company aims to produce around 700,000 artillery rounds from its plants in Australia, Germany, South Africa, and Spain this year.

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