Poland Buys Swedish Early Warning Aircraft for $58M

Poland is going ahead with its planned purchase of two airborne early warning and control aircraft (AEW&C) from Swedish defense manufacturer Saab.

The deal, worth 600 million Swedish kronor ($58 million), will see the company deliver its 340 AEW&C aircraft equipped with the cutting-edge Erieye radar to the Polish Air Force.

The contract also covers the provision of associated ground equipment and in-country logistics and support services, according to Saab.

Negotiations for the multi-million purchase began in May, with local industry observers initially speculating it was the GlobalEye aircraft being considered to fill Warsaw’s AEW&C capability gap.

“Saab has had a strong relationship with the Polish Ministry of National Defence for many years,” company official Carl-Johan Bergholm said.

“We are proud to further strengthen Poland’s Armed Forces with our airborne early warning and network-based solutions.”

The 340s are expected to be delivered by 2025.

The 340 AEW&C Aircraft

Operated by nine countries, Saab’s 340 AEW&C is one of the world’s most widely-used airborne surveillance platforms.

It boasts a 21.4-meter (70-foot) wing span and a cruising speed of 283 knots (524 kilometers/325 miles per hour).

The aircraft is powered by two General Electric engines and has a spacious cabin configurable for various purposes.

In Poland, the 340 is expected to provide a comprehensive situational awareness picture to the Polish Air Force, enabling efficient and precise military operations.

It will enhance the country’s ability to respond to various security challenges by scanning the skies and communicating with ground units about incoming threats.

Apart from AEW&C, the 340 can support air cargo transport and rescue missions.

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