UK Approves Trophy Active Protection System for Next Trials on Challenger 3 Tank

The UK Ministry of Defence has contracted Rafael for the next round of tests of the Trophy Active Protection Systems (APS) on the Challenger 3 tank.

The 20-million pound ($26 million) contract will secure Trophy systems, countermeasures, and test equipment for the demonstration phase in 2024, including qualification and integration.

The APS will be “tested and integrated with Challenger 3 to provide enhanced protection against rocket and missile threats, whilst simultaneously finding the origin of the hostile fire for immediate response,” the Royal British Army explained.

Destroys Incoming Missile Within a Second 

The system locates an incoming missile or rocket within a second and destroys it, according to the army.

The APS has already been trialed on the Challenger 3 representative system for a three-week Assessment Phase with 25 shots including live ones. 

The British Army tank is expected to enter service in 2027.

Demonstration Phase in 2024

“Assessment Phase Trials of the APS have completed, and we now have the confidence to move forward to the next phase, APS lead at Defence Equipment & Support David Tomlin said.

“Placing this contract will allow the Demonstration Phase to start in 2024 where the APS system will be qualified and integrated onto the CR3 tank. Securing these Trophy long lead items is another step forward in securing a world-class protection system for our soldiers on the front line.”

The Israel Defense Forces Merkava main battle tanks have been equipped with the Trophy since 2010. Israel’s Namer armored personnel carrier also features the system.

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