US Air Force, Raytheon Conclude Final Test of Latest AMRAAM Missile

The US Air Force and Raytheon have completed the developmental and operational tests of the latest Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) variant at the Eglin Test and Training Range in Florida.

The phase concluded with a live-fire demonstration of an AIM-120D-3 from an F-16 fighter jet, proving the weapon’s air-to-air capabilities according to US Air Force and Navy requirements.

AIM-120D-3 incorporates modernized circuit card assemblies to address missile obsolescence as well as continuous software updates in compliance with US defense’s “form, fit, function, and refresh” initiative.

“Flight test of the new AIM-120D-3 demonstrated the missile’s hardware and software capability improvements. I’m excited for our warfighters to have this newest variant of the AIM-120 missile in their arsenal,” AMRAAM Program Manager Col. Sean Bradley stated.

Raytheon AMRAAM air-to-air missile
Raytheon AMRAAM air-to-air missile. Photo: Raytheon

Raytheon received the contract to produce upgraded AMRAAMs in August 2022. Alongside the AIM-120D-3 variants, the $972-million award ordered software and hardware updates for the AIM-120C8 missiles.

The AIM-120D-3’s maiden live-fire test was held in July 2022. The plan to upgrade the AIM-120 capability was announced in 2021.

Largest AMRAAM Order Signed

Earlier this year, Raytheon received a 1.15-billion contract for the supply of AIM-120D-3 and C-8 missiles.

AMRAAMs ordered under the agreement will be distributed to the US Air Force and Navy, and 18 other countries, including Ukraine.

“We are ramping AMRAAM production to a greater rate than ever before in the history of this program,” Raytheon Air Power President Paul Ferraro said.

“With significantly increased functionality, performance and producibility, and the completion of the flight test program, we are ensuring warfighters can count on having the fifth generation of AMRAAM – and enough of them – in their arsenal.”

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