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Raytheon to Upgrade AMRAAM Hardware, Software in $927M Contract

The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon Missiles & Defense a $972 million contract to provide an upgraded Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM).

The deal is the “first AMRAAM contract to produce an entire lot of AIM-120D3 and AIM-120C8 missiles developed under Form, Fit, Function Refresh, also known as F3R,” Raytheon stated.

The AMRAAM F3R entails redesigning the missile’s hardware and software, including “multiple circuit cards and other hardware” in the missile’s guidance section for enhanced performance.

Contract Supplies to 19 Foreign Countries 

In addition to the US Air Force and Navy, the contract provides missiles to 19 other allied nations.

“This contract underscores the importance of AMRAAM in the warfighters’ arsenal,” president of Air Power for Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Paul Ferraro,said.

“These missiles, developed under the Form, Fit, Function Refresh, have the most advanced hardware and software needed to compete with peer adversaries.”

Four More Live Tests Before Fielding

The air force conducted the AIM-120D3 F3R’s first live-fire test in June with an F-15 fighter. 

The missile will undergo four more tests involving “multiple scenarios and targets to validate the AIM-120D3’s advanced functionality and capabilities before being qualified for production and fielding.”

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