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US Air Force Awards Raytheon Largest AMRAAM Contract to Date

The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon Technologies a $1.15-billion contract for AIM-120 D-3 and C-8 AMRAAM missiles.

The D-3 is AMRAAM’s latest configuration under the Form, Fit, Function Refresh (F3R) program, including hardware and software upgrades. 

The largest AMRAAM contract to date supplies the missiles to the US Air Force, US Navy, and 18 other countries, including Ukraine. The work is expected to be completed by January 31, 2027. 

AMRAAMs for Ukraine

The missiles will likely be launched from Ukraine’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS), although the contract does not specify so. 

The NASAMS uses a mix of missiles such as the AMRAAM, Sidewinder, and Stinger as effectors.

The US has pledged to deliver eight NASAMS to Ukraine, of which two were delivered last year.

AMRAAM on Ukrainian Fighter Jets?

Meanwhile, the US military is also reportedly studying the possibility of mounting the AMRAAM on Ukraine’s Soviet-era fighter jets. 

An air-to-air missile was not part of the military assistance Ukraine received from a coalition of countries led by the US.

“We recognize AMRAAM is the most advanced, combat-proven missile, and we owe it to the warfighters to ensure they have the technology they need when they need it,” Raytheon president of Air Power Paul Ferraro said. 

“Be it air-to-air or surface-to-air, AMRAAM continues its proud legacy with greater power and precision than ever before with this contract.”

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