Lockheed, Red 6 to Integrate Augmented Reality Into T-50 Trainer Jet

Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) will be integrated into the Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 aircraft and ground-based training systems.  

A T-50 demonstrator will initially be integrated with the ATARS technology, electronically linked with the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D software simulation suite.  

The experience of integrating simulations into the aircraft could eventually lead to full-scale embedded training for the T-50 program and ground-based training systems, Lockheed stated.

“ATARS addresses the critical training inefficiencies in today’s training platforms,” Red 6 founder and CEO Daniel Robinson said.

“There has never been a training environment in which you can combine virtual assets being visually represented in the real outdoor world, and the opportunity to overlay this training into ground-based training, until now.”

Augmented Reality System

The system enables various AR-driven tactical training scenarios, including air combat maneuvers, refueling, tactical formation, and surface-to-air weapon engagements.

The ATARS “allows pilots to experience the cognitive loads of physically flying an aircraft while capturing the value of synthetics by enabling them to enter realistic, scalable in range and ratio, secure, simulated training environments while airborne in the most dynamic of outdoor environments,” Lockheed explained.

The Red 6 system is initially targeted for the T-50 program. However, it could eventually serve other Lockheed platforms, such as the F-16, F-22, and F-35.  

T-50 Variants for US Air Force, US Navy

Meanwhile, Lockheed has submitted the TF-50A and TF-50N variants for the US Air Force and US Navy’s trainer programs.  

The TF-50A is configured to provide tactical training, adversary air support, and tactical fighter surrogate missions. The TF-50N is configured to serve various US Navy missions, including pilot landing qualification, adversary air, training/chase, and tactical simulations.  

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