Sweden Orders 400 Light Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Sweden and Iveco Defence Vehicles have signed an initial framework agreement to deliver 400 Light Multi-Purpose Vehicles (LMPVs) for the Swedish Armed Forces.

The contract is valued at 850 million Swedish kronor ($79 million) and will be shipped as part of a larger program for 3,000 new 4×4 Military Utility Vehicles.

The overall framework agreement extends from 2023 to 2027 and includes an option for an additional five years.

Alongside the LMPV fleet, Iveco will provide Sweden with associated maintenance and services.

Iveco’s Light Multi-Purpose Vehicle

The LMPV is the successor to Iveco’s M40E15-WM purpose-built vehicle. Both platforms were developed in compliance with military and NATO standards.

The latest version is highly mobile and deployable in austere environments in temperatures from -32 to 49 degrees Celsius. It can carry payloads weighing up to 4,000 kilograms.

Deliveries Next Year

LMPVs ordered under the contract come in 12 variants for medical, logistics, communication, and troop/dog transport.

Depending on user requirements, these versions can be configured into several chassis, engine, transmission, and cab combinations.

“With these vehicles, the Armed Forces get a modern capability that complements existing capabilities within the Army and the Home Guard and to some extent replaces certain capabilities from the Armed Forces’ old faithful servants in the war organization, all-terrain vehicle 11 and 13,” Swedish Material Administration Army Project Manager Michael Helander stated.

“The first delivery to the Armed Forces will take place at the end of 2024 and the majority of the vehicles will be delivered in 2025.”

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