German Eurofighter to Receive Saab Electronic Warfare Suite

Germany has selected Swedish defense firm Saab to supply an electronic warfare (EW) system for the Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft.

The company will provide its Arexis sensor suite for “superior” aircraft situational awareness in a complex signal environment.

The system was selected after market surveys to assess various European and international EW system providers.

Factors such as performance, integration, and certification were considered during the product analysis and evaluation.

“We welcome this decision and look forward to proceeding with the next steps,” Saab official Anders Sjöberg said, adding that the Arexis is the perfect match for Germany’s electronic warfare requirements for the Eurofighter.

Further negotiations will take place before the signing of the contract.

Arexis Sensor Suite

Saab’s Arexis is a modular EW solution that utilizes smart software and high-tech components to provide “unrivaled” self-protection in every direction.

Having been integrated into the Gripen E/F aircraft, the sensor suite has a proven architecture that makes it a perfect fit for any fighter.

Additionally, the Arexis uses high-end artificial intelligence algorithms for improved performance in complex electromagnetic environments.

“Arexis solution gives the ability to detect and stay ahead of all possible threats, today and in the future,” Saab stated on its website.

“By combining the very latest in self-protection and electronic attack, Arexis makes the fighter more than ready to counter any threats. Letting the pilot focus on the task at hand, ensuring that the missions will be successful.”

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