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Taiwan Takes Delivery of Stinger Air Defense Missiles From US

Taiwan has received the first batch of FIM-92 Stinger air defense missiles from the US as part of a $500 million military aid package.

The weapons arrived at Taoyuan International Airport late last week on a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft.

According to a report by Taipei Times, the Stinger missiles were supposed to be delivered at an earlier date, but the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has delayed the process.

The air defense weapons are reportedly in the handheld portable configuration.

The Taiwanese military already operates several variants of the Stinger, including the Dual Mount Stinger, the Humvee-mounted Avenger weapons system, and the air-launched configuration for Apache attack helicopters.

The Stinger Missile

Developed by Raytheon Missiles & Defense, the Stinger missile is a lightweight, self-contained air defense system designed for rapid deployment by ground troops.

It can be fired by a single operator, but military units often use a spotter for faster and more accurate target identification.

Compared to its predecessor Redeye missiles, the Stinger has increased speed and range, covering eight kilometers (4.9 miles).

It can also identify friendly aerial vehicles and uses infrared homing to track and follow targets.

The Taiwanese military is expected to use the Stinger missile system against low-flying Chinese aircraft in the event of an invasion.

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