US Army Tests Remote Mine Neutralization System

The US Army has tested a remote landmine detect and diffuse system featuring a drone and a mortar-equipped land vehicle.

The Ground Obstacle Breaching Lane Neutralizer (GOBLN) concept was designed to neutralize a mine from a standoff range, reducing risk for breaching forces.

It comprises a mortar-based launcher system integrated into a vehicle platform, a small unmanned aerial system-hosted detection system, and a neutralizing munition.

How It Works

The primary focus was on striking the mine during the test at the Yuma Test Center (YTC) in Arizona.

“What we are looking at is not what the gun is doing, it is what it is doing on the other end. What are the effects on the mines we are shooting at,” YTC Test Officer Brett Bowman explained.

The munition either damages the mine’s fuze with sheer force or sets it off. 

The mine could also catch fire due to strike reaction and burn out, the “ideal neutralization,” said the assessors.

Data Assessment

After assessing the strike impact data, adjustments are made to the launcher position.

“We are getting the observer data to know where they impacted, then after each sequence we go out and do inspections to see the damage on targets and assess how we did,” Bowman explained.

The GOBLN is one of many solutions the army is testing to meet modern threats.

“In the concept of the future, we are not talking about what we can do today. What we are trying to do, the next 10 years, 20 years down the road and have that forecast,” Army Futures Command Capabilities Developer Shawn Anders remarked.

“So today is just our baseline of multiple systems, for consideration for the future.”

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