Rheinmetall Wins $53M German Army Contract for 57 Heavy Military Trucks

Rheinmetall has received an order for 57 additional HX81 heavy military trucks worth 50 million euros ($53.4 million) from the German military.

The order is the last of a seven-year framework agreement signed in 2018 for up to 137 HX81 unprotected heavy-duty trucks.

According to the German defense firm, 80 units have already been delivered to Berlin.

The new order, which will be in the 70-ton payload class, is expected to boost Bundeswehr’s ability to transport heavy armored vehicles, such as Leopard 2 main battle tanks and PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers.

Delivery of the additional HX81s will begin later this year.

The HX81 Truck

Rheinmetall’s HX81 is an all-wheel-drive transport platform with an eight-cylinder 680-horsepower diesel engine, enabling it to reach 89 kilometers (55 miles) per hour.

It has off-the-shelf military components to provide high mobility and reliability for support missions in challenging terrain.

While the truck was originally designed unprotected, its cab can be reconfigured to provide increased protection for military personnel.

Additionally, the HX81 features a Rotzler double-action winch system with a combined maximum tractor force of 40 tons, enabling the platform to tow vehicles onto the trailer easily.

Playing a Crucial Role

Rheinmetall has supplied Bundeswehr with other transport platforms, such as Mammut protected heavy transport vehicles and UTF unprotected transport vehicles.

The company stated that these logistical vehicles play a crucial role in assuring the operational effectiveness of the country’s combat units.

They also reportedly enable rapid response and support on the battlefield.

“Being able to transport heavy combat vehicles is a key capability in national and alliance defense,” Rheinmetall explained.

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