Austal Clinches Potential $3.2B Deal for US Navy’s Future T-AGOS Fleet

Austal USA has received a $113.9 million contract to design the US Navy Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship (T-AGOS 25).

The agreement includes a $3.2 billion option for the design and construction of up to seven T-AGOS vessels.

Work on the first T-AGOS will take place at various US locations in partnership with L3Harris Technologies, Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors, TAI Engineering, and Noise Control Engineering.

Delivery is expected by 2024, while production will continue through 2034 if all options are exercised.

Concept for Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship (T-AGOS 25)
Concept for Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship (T-AGOS 25). Photo: Austal

“T-AGOS is a unique auxiliary naval platform that plays an integral role in supporting the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare mission,” Austal Limited CEO Paddy Gregg said.

“Austal USA is honored to be selected to deliver this critical capability for the Navy, utilising our advanced manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art steel shipbuilding facilities and our growing team of shipbuilders.”

US Navy T-AGOS Platform

T-AGOS vessels are deployed with the US Navy Atlantic and Pacific fleets for anti-submarine missions.

According to the US Congressional Research Service, the fleet gathers “underwater acoustical data to support the mission of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System by providing a ship platform capable of theater anti-submarine acoustic passive and active surveillance.”

T-AGOS vessels carry Surveillance Towed-Array Sensor System equipment to collect the data.

Once completed, the new T-AGOS 25 fleet will replace the navy’s four Victorious-class (T-AGOS 19) and one Impeccable-class (T-AGOS 23) small waterplane area twin hull ships.

The aging fleet entered the service in 2000 and is set to retire starting in 2026.

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