BAE Systems Unveils High-Definition Thermal Camera Core

BAE Systems has introduced the latest iteration of its Athena 1920 high-definition thermal camera core to support tactical missions that require vehicle protection, nighttime surveillance, and 360-degree situational awareness.

The Athena 1920 produces high-definition infrared images with minimal motion blur and sharp details.

It can be used for diverse military applications, including threat detection, wide-area surveillance, and monitoring.

“BAE Systems has been at the forefront of thermal sensor design and manufacturing for years, and we keep advancing the technology,” BAE Systems Sensor Solutions Director Robyn Decker stated.

“Athena 1920 is already one of the most capable high-definition thermal sensors, and we’ve enhanced it to help our customers better execute their challenging missions.”

The Athena 1920 Thermal Core

The Athena 1920 is protected with specialized coatings to sustain operability in extreme weather conditions.

The camera core has redundant software-based “single-event upset mitigation” technology to reduce the effect of radiation when deployed in space.

With the Athena, users can select between two frame rate options (30 and 60 hertz) and frame synchronization to capture more depth from the subject.

The “sensor hardening” process integrated into the core enables high-quality, broad-view night-vision imagery from aircraft, ground vehicles, drones, and satellites.

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