Hensoldt Upgrades Weapon Locating Radars for Germany, France

German sensor specialist Hensoldt has modernized Counter Battery Radar (Cobra) systems for Germany and France.

The work included upgrading the Radar Target Generator (RTG) and the Cobra Radar Environment Simulator (CRES).

The RTG generates primary radar returns and can be used for target trajectory simulation. 

“The new RTG takes into account changes of the user nations’ operational requirements such as long-term deployments in stationary locations, simultaneous operation of several systems and 24/7 surveillance missions,” Hensoldt stated.

The CRES helps test and verify the radar’s performance in a laboratory environment through artificial radar returns that simulate ballistic projectiles such as missiles, mortar grenades, and howitzers.

Counter Battery Radar

The Cobra is a joint development of Thales, Airbus Defence and Space, and Lockheed Martin.

The radar’s solid-state phased array antenna scans the horizon for hostile artillery and missile positions and calculates in advance the projectile’s flight path for early warning.

The vehicle-mounted radar can spot 40 targets within a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles) within two minutes. 

A total of 40 Cobras have been deployed by NATO and other armed forces within Europe and beyond. 

Germany has delivered up to five systems to Ukraine to help its forces take out Russian artillery targets.

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