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France Unveils ‘CAPA-X’ Modular VTOL Drone Concept

French defense firm SURVEY Copter has unveiled a light tactical drone concept that can perform vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).

According to the Airbus subsidiary, the new “CAPA-X” unmanned platform will have a three-blade propeller and fixed tricycle landing gear.

It is designed to be flexible and easily adaptable to various configurations and airworthiness regulations.

The system’s primary missions are intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, as well as target detection and tracking.

However, military units can configure the CAPA-X to perform target investigation, damage assessment, cargo transport, communication relay, and search and rescue.

Responding to Various Safety Requirements

SURVEY Copter aims to make the new drone as modular as possible to operate on all terrain.

It can use short or long wings for missions requiring hovering, high speed, or increased flight autonomy.

Its propulsion system can also be changed from vertical to horizontal takeoff and landing to allow conventional ascent and descent.

Additionally, its payload bay allows the drone to integrate different sensors.

The company said the new CAPA-X concept would be capable of responding to various safety requirements on land, at sea, or on the frontline.

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