Croatia Seeking SPIKE Anti-Tank Missiles, Patria Armored Vehicles for $235M

Croatia plans to invest 219 million euros ($235 million) in new defense items, including an undisclosed number of SPIKE LR anti-tank guided missiles and Patria armored vehicles.

The defense spending plan moved forward following the backing of parliament’s defense committee during a meeting last week.

According to defense minister Mario Banožić, a total of 11 million euros ($11.8 million) will be earmarked for SPIKE missiles, while more than 158 million euros ($170 million) will be used to buy 30 Patria eight-wheel-drive armored modular vehicles.

Additionally, 1.4 million euros ($1.5 million) will be allotted to defray tax expenses for US-donated rigid inflatable boats.

Banožić said that the planned acquisition is an important step in ensuring that the country’s military has the operational capability to conduct anti-armor combat.

The Patria vehicles are expected to be delivered by 2028.

Additional Spending

Croatia also plans to modernize its radar systems and upgrade its air force’s combat communications system.

The total budget for the modernization is 45 million euros ($48.5 million).

Upgraded radars and communications systems would reportedly enhance Croatia’s operational control and management in combat identification.

It would also enable the integration of tactical data links for secure real-time exchange of information from national and NATO networks.

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