UK to Build Electromagnetic Environment Hub for ‘Freedom of Maneuver and Action’

The UK Defence Science and Technology (DSTL) has announced a 7-million-pound ($8.5 million) investment to construct an electromagnetic environment (EME) hub for the British military.

The project seeks to “maintain freedom of maneuver and action” across the electromagnetic spectrum to advance UK defense operability.

The EME Hub

The EME hub will focus on next-generation capabilities that deliver wireless offensive and defensive effects in contested environments.

The facility will validate system impacts and its ability to “degrade, deny, destroy, deceive, and disrupt” emerging threats.

Work at the hub enhances other tactical wireless activities deployed in the air, space, land, sea, cyber, and electromagnetic defense domains.

Producing ‘Generation-After-Next’ Technology

EME hub activities will be led by science and technology personnel, including experts from Loughborough University, the University of Leeds, Queen Mary University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, and the University of Glasgow.

The academic consortium will work alongside Leonardo, BAE Systems, Hensoldt UK, MBDA Missile Systems, Kromek Group, CENSIS, QinetiQ, and the National Physical Laboratory.

EME diagram
EME diagram. Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

Initial EME operations will involve the participation of five-post doctoral researchers, a hub management team, and 17 Ph.D. students.

“The EME Hub brings together the best minds working in the electromagnetic environment from industry and academia with the drive and leadership from government,” DSTL Chief Executive Dr. Paul Hollinshead stated.

“As well as innovating generation-after-next technology we will be nurturing the next generation of talent to continue this crucial work into the future.”

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