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EDGE Group Unveils SKYSHIELD Multi-Layered Counter-Drone Solution

UAE-based defense conglomerate EDGE Group unveiled its new SKYSHIELD multi-layered counter-drone solution during the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

The system features advanced sensors, 3D radars, and electro-optic cameras to detect enemy drones accurately.

Using the company’s unified command and control, SKYSHIELD reportedly provides real-time situational awareness to military units.

It can automatically detect and engage with drone threats, defeating them with the help of EDGE Group’s spoofing and jamming solutions.

The solution has been extensively tested in the region’s natural environment to ensure reliable performance in hot, humid, and dusty weather.

It has also been “proven to perform optimally in the most challenging conditions.”

‘A Robust Solution’

EDGE Group described its SKYSHIELD solution as “highly modular” since it can be configured for fixed installation in strategic areas.

It can also act as a rapidly deployable solution suitable for military vehicles to support long-range missions.

Company vice president Omar Al Zaabi said the demand for counter-drone protection is rising rapidly, and the threats unmanned systems pose require “a comprehensive approach.”

The SKYSHIELD solution reportedly employs “an impressive variety of detection and interception techniques” to effectively neutralize targets.

“Strengthening sovereign capabilities is a strategic priority for EDGE and SIGN4L, and launching a robust solution such as SKYSHIELD reflects our steadfast commitment to securing the nation with cutting-edge UAE-manufactured equipment,” he said.

Contract Awarded

A few days after debuting the counter-drone system, EDGE Group announced that an international customer had signed a contract for the multi-layered solution.

The agreement, valued at 70 million UAE Dirham ($19 million), includes the company’s multiple V-PROTECT convoy protection solutions.

“Signing these two deals underlines the quality of our offerings which are performing ahead of the competition and to the highest global standards,” Al Zaabi stressed.

He further stated that the conglomerate would continue promoting the solutions on the international market to boost the UAE’s defense industrial base.

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