Palantir Awarded $90M Deal to Bolster UK Military Intelligence Capabilities

American technology firm Palantir has been awarded a 75-million-pound ($90-million) contract to support the British military’s intelligence-gathering capabilities.

As part of the three-year agreement, the company will utilize its cutting-edge software to help the army make real-time decisions and predict how battlefield decisions will play out.

The software will allow the armed forces to treat data as a strategic asset, delivering military advantage and greater efficiency.

“Palantir software will enable the MOD [Ministry of Defence] to exploit data at scale and speed to make faster, better decisions across defense,” the company stated in a press release.

How It Works

Palantir software brings all data gathered by military units together for a single view using a modeling concept called “ontology.”

It digests information from various data sources, harmonizing and mapping it to identify the relationships between them.

With the help of the latest software, military units can perform advanced scenario planning, testing, and modeling.

“Palantir’s software gives the MOD the ability to understand outcomes before making decisions,” the company wrote.

‘Critical to Military Transformation’

According to Defence Digital director Caroline Bellamy, Palantir’s software can help the MOD and the British military have “faster, better, and more integrated” defense capabilities.

It allows for the improved collection and processing of real-time, corresponding data for better decision-making.

Rear Admiral Jim Higham also noted that the new technology is “critical” to the military’s digital transformation and modernization.

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