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Elbit Receives Mine Disposal System for Seagull Unmanned Vessel

Elbit Systems has taken delivery of a cutting-edge mine disposal system to be installed on the Seagull unmanned surface vessel.

Subsea specialist Acteon’s data and robotics division Seatronics revealed it has sent two Mine Identification and Detonation Solutions (MIDS) to the Israeli-based defense firm.

The MIDS can detonate multiple charges acoustically using state-of-the-art components.

Although it shares several design features with the VALOR (Versatile and Lightweight Observation Remotely Operated Vehicle) platform, the mine disposal system has additional features, such as an advanced inertial navigation system.

It is also equipped with sonar and optics technologies that enable the MIDS to detect and classify potential threats with increased accuracy.

According to Seatronics, the system uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to categorize seabed and floating items as potential mine or mine-like objects.

“This information is then seamlessly passed to the command center, where the decision can be taken whether to neutralize or destroy the target,” the company stated.

The Seagull USV

Elbit Systems’ Seagull is a multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) designed for maritime warfare that can host a variety of mine disposal solutions, including Seatronics’ MIDS.

Its propulsion system allows the USV to travel at 60 kilometers (37.2 miles) per hour and operate for more than four days straight.

Apart from mine disposal, the Seagull can be deployed for anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, and electronic warfare missions.

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