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LIG Nex1 to Develop AI-Based Combat System for S. Korea Submarines

LIG Nex1 has received a contract from the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy to develop and incorporate an artificial intelligence-based combat system into its submarines.

The agreement, valued at 39.6 billion Korean won ($30 million), was signed earlier this week.

According to the company, the new system will increase ROK Navy submarines’ survivability and effectiveness in challenging naval operations.

It noted that submarines usually operate alone and depend on onboard systems.

Incorporating AI would bolster the submarines’ ability to search, track, identify, classify, and engage targets.

“As a company that is crucial to realizing the Navy’s vision of creating a ‘Smart Navy,’ we shall try our best [to develop the system]. Using the experience and technology we have accumulated, we will successfully carry out this project,” the company stated.

The AI-based combat system will likely be integrated into the KSS III or Dosan Ahn Chang Ho-class submarine.

‘Smart Navy’

The multimillion-dollar contract is part of a broader initiative to make the ROK Navy a “smart navy.”

The country has recently invested in automation, AI, and unmanned systems to upgrade its naval fleet and keep pace with modern threats.

Earlier this month, the navy revealed a new operational concept, the “Navy Sea GHOST,” or Guardian Harmonized with Operating manned Systems and Technology.

The concept targets close cooperation between manned and unmanned systems.

Additionally, the ROK Navy has announced a plan to establish a new command to run unmanned ships, submarines, and aircraft by the 2040s.

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