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India Establishes Military Facility on Border to Counter Chinese Buildup

The Indian Army has built a military facility along its border with China to host 450 tanks and over 22,000 troops.

The establishment is a reaction to Beijing’s expansion along the Pangong Tso lake, located in both India and China.

The facility was reportedly tested against a wide range of weapons, from small arms to the main gun of T90 tanks.

“Habitat and technical storage to include assets for 22,000 troops and approximately 450 vehicles/guns has been constructed in the last two years,” defense sources said, as quoted by The Economic Times.

“Focus has now shifted to undertake the construction of permanent defenses and infrastructure to improve defense preparedness.”

Apart from the new infrastructure, the army has also built landing crafts in Eastern Ladakh to bolster its patrolling capabilities.

Preparing for China

India has increased investments in recent years to improve its defense capabilities due to heightened border tensions with China.

Last year, the service began the construction of nuclear-hardened tunnels and storage facilities near the heavily-militarized border.

Additionally, New Delhi unveiled its first batch of domestically-made attack helicopters designed for high-altitude missions.

It will be deployed in areas like the Himalayas, where Indian troops clashed with China in 2020.

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