Canadian Armed Forces to Obtain 7,000 New Pistols

Canada has awarded MD Charlton a $3.2 million contract to procure new pistols for the Canadian Army, National Defence Minister Anita Anand announced.

Under the agreement, the British Columbia-based company will deliver 7,000 C22 full-frame modular handguns (Sig Sauer P320), holster systems, spares, and training.

The contract includes additional options for up to 9,500 pistols to cover the requirements of the army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Military Police.

If all options are exercised, the contract will sum up to $7.6 million. Delivery is expected to begin by 2023.

The pistols will be utilized by Canadian Armed Forces personnel in “all types of operating environments and under a range of conditions.”

“This contract will provide our troops with modern, reliable pistols and holsters to carry out their work, while supporting economic opportunities for the Canadian defence industry,” Canadian Public Services and Procurement Minister Helena Jaczek said.

Ensuring Continued Operational Readiness

Sig Sauer P320 will have the existing ammunition and similar ballistic performance as the current Browning pistols.

The modular guns are equipped with expanded magazine capacity, improved ergonomic design, lighter weight, and a load indicator visible from several angles.

Sig Sauer P320 can be operated with both the left and right hand.

“The Government of Canada is committed to providing the Canadian Armed Forces with the equipment they need when they need it,” Anand explained.

“Replacing the Browning 9mm with the C22 full frame modular pistol (Sig Sauer P320) will help ensure the continued operational readiness and effectiveness of all our members.”

“We look forward to the delivery of these new pistols and holster systems in the coming year.”

Sig Sauer P320 in Other Countries

Sig Sauer P320 has been proven effective for battle operations in multinational militaries, including Denmark, France, and the US, according to the Canadian National Defence Department.

This October, Australia selected Queensland-based company NIOA to deliver Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Pro and Sig Sauer P320 MCX .300 Blackout caliber pistols for its armed forces.

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