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Taiwan Inducts New Amphibious Warship

The Taiwanese Navy has inducted a new, indigenously-made amphibious warship to transport troops and military supplies to vulnerable islands.

The development is part of the country’s push for self-sufficiency in defense and its continuing modernization efforts amid increasing pressure from China.

Named after Taipei’s tallest mountain, the 10,000-ton Yu Shan is equipped with a forward cannon for air and surface targets.

It is also armed with anti-aircraft missiles, a rapid-fire Phalanx anti-aircraft gun, and anti-missile weapons.

According to manufacturer CSBC Corporation Chairman Cheng Wen-lung, the new amphibious vessel will assume the “main transport” role for islands considered easy targets for Beijing in the event of war.

It also has enough space for landing planes and helicopters to support military missions at sea.

Building Defense Autonomy

Taiwan’s move to develop and deploy more warships comes as China intensified military drills around the island nation last month in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Although Taipei has received significant defense assistance from Washington, President Tsai Ing-wen wants the country to continue producing indigenous military equipment to deter a potential invasion.

She said that the induction of the Yu Shan warship was a testament to Taiwan’s efforts to boost local production of military assets and ensure autonomy in national defense.

“When it comes to China’s military threats, only by strengthening our self-defense capabilities can there be true peace,” Tsai stressed.

Apart from inducting a new vessel, Taipei announced that it had successfully launched its third Tuo Chiang corvette, promising to build 10 more for the navy.

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