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Undisclosed Asian Nation Awards Elbit Systems EW Training Contract

An undisclosed Asia-Pacific nation has awarded Elbit Systems a contract to deliver electronic warfare (EW) training equipment for its air force.

The agreement is valued at $75 million and will cover two years of service.

Elbit Systems will provide its AMSTF (Aircrew Mobile Simulation and Training Field) EW platform, according to the contract.

With the AMSTF platform, pilots can practice in a multi-threat EW arena.

AMSTF incorporates command, communications, transmitters, sensors, analytical and debriefing tools to assist trainees in performing under realistic scenarios.

“EW readiness has become critical to mission effectiveness and survivability, driving increasing demand for EW training capabilities beyond the existing synthetic ones,” Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW General Manager Oren Sabag explained.

“By integrating our advanced EW technologies and the Company’s unique training and simulation capabilities we can supply a solution that improves readiness and reduces costs.”

Aircrew Mobile Simulation and Training Field EW

Elbit developed the AMSTF to enable “effective and efficient EW training and simulation for pilots against realistic EW threats.”

“As EW readiness becomes paramount to mission success and survivability, Air forces increasingly seek efficient EW training capabilities beyond the synthetic,” Elbit Systems Exec. Vice President and SIGINT & EW General Manager Edgar Maimon said.

AMSTF was launched in 2020 with an open architecture system to allow users to program and configure operations with maximum independence.

It uses a full spectrum coverage, including radio frequency, infrared, and electro-optics. AMSTF can record an entire session for evaluation during airborne training.

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