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Reveal Technology Demonstrates Multi-Drone Mapping for US Army

American firm Reveal Technology recently demonstrated its multi-drone mapping capability to the US Army Special Operations Command.

In partnership with Teal Drones, the company showed off its “Farsight” mapping software, capable of automatically combining imagery from multiple drones to produce high-fidelity, three-dimensional maps.

With increased data collection speed, operators could receive Farsight maps and analytics “faster than ever.”

According to Reveal Technology Chief Operating Officer Andrew Dixon, the software utilizes Teal’s 4-Ship multi-drone system to gather data and provide significant intelligence advantages on the battlefield.

“Farsight already significantly sped up the rate at which aerial imagery could be used to help teams more safely and effectively carry out their missions,” he said.

The 4-Ship System

Introduced to the public in June, Teal’s 4-Ship system allows operators to simultaneously control up to four Golden Eagle drones for 360-degree surveillance.

The 4-Ship system and the Farsight mapping software reportedly provide real-time access to detailed 3D maps of a target area.

It also allows a military unit to choose a route to the target area that is least visible to enemy forces.

Additionally, the combined Farsight and 4-Ship system provides a vertical measurement tool to determine the height of buildings that may be crucial for an operation.

The system can also quickly identify the best and safest spot to land a military helicopter or other aircraft.

“This integration of Reveal’s Farsight software with Teal’s 4-Ship product is one of the most important apps that has been developed for the Golden Eagle so far,” Red Cat Chief Executive Officer Jeff Thompson explained. “We are excited about our partnership with Reveal and look forward to even more groundbreaking developments in the future.”

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