Russia Unveils Rocket-Launching Robot Dog

Russia has introduced a military robot dog that carries an anti-tank rocket launcher and an optical aiming device.

The system was unveiled during the “Army-2022” International Military-Technical Forum that began on August 15.

A video shown by state-owned RIA Novosti shows the four-legged robot wrapped in a black cloth showing off its moves on a conference room floor.

The robot demonstrates its ability to bend, turn, move forward and backward, and lie down, but there was no weapons demonstration.

According to RIA Novosti, the platform arose out of the M-81 robotic system developed by the Russian engineering firm JSC Intellect Machine.

It can reportedly carry out a variety of military missions, including target designation, infiltration of enemy facilities, reconnaissance, and transportation of weapons and ammunition.

Bionics Development

RIA Novosti explained that the M-81 was developed using bionics, replicating principles, structures, and characteristics of biological systems.

In this case, the developers replicated the biomechanics of a dog to develop a military platform.

However, some reports claim that the robot’s overall frame, shape, and location of its optical sensors bear a striking resemblance to the Chinese-made Go1 robot.

The Go1 robotic system is currently being sold for $2,700 on the Unitree Robotics website and $420 on AliExpress.

If true, it would mean that the system was not designed by a Russian manufacturer and is not “a military grade of any kind.”

JSC Intellect Machine has yet to issue a statement regarding the alleged similarities of the M-81 and Go1 robots.

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