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Kratos Receives $14M Contract to Provide Tactical Jet Drone

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has been awarded a $14 million contract to design, develop, and field a Tactical Jet Drone.

The company has not disclosed details of the drone or the buyer for security and other reasons.

Kratos produces various uncrewed aerial vehicles including the Dynetics X-61A Gremlin, XQ-58A Valkyrie, and UTAP-22 Mako, all with autonomous rapid reaction and runway system support for manned/unmanned teaming operations.

Kratos Drones in US Air Force

Kratos is already developing a Valkyrie aircraft for the US Air Force’s Skyborg Program.

The initiative was developed under the Air Force Research Laboratory Low-Cost Attritable Strike Demonstrator Program to build affordable, high-speed tactical drones for specific military applications.

Last July, the air force completed a series of test flights for two production units of the unmanned jet model.

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