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Taiwan to Receive Indigenous Landing Platform Dock in September: Report

The Taiwanese Navy will take delivery of a locally-developed landing platform dock (LDP) this year to support its naval missions, according to a report by Focus Taiwan, citing a military source.

The country’s Yushan LDP is reportedly undergoing tests to ensure its newly-installed systems and components operate smoothly.

The 10,000-ton amphibious multi-mission vessel will also undergo a rigorous sea trial to evaluate if it can safely perform various missions.

According to the source, the new vessel will be handed over to the navy as early as September if the sea trial yields positive results.

Once received, the Yushan LDP is expected to boost the maritime capabilities of the island nation amid increasing pressure from China.

The Yushan Landing Dock

The Yushan is the first of four indigenous LDPs being built to support the Taiwanese Navy.

It will reportedly replace the country’s five-decade-old, US-made amphibious transport dock, the ROCS Hsu Hai.

At 153 meters (502 feet) long, the LDP can travel at 21 knots (39 kilometers/24 miles per hour).

The vessel can carry more than 600 military personnel and several amphibious armored personnel carriers.

It also has two hangars that can accommodate military helicopters.


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