Ukrainian Serviceman Donates Eight Military Vehicles to Army 

A Ukrainian businessman serving in the armed forces has donated eight Pinzgauer armored vehicles to the Ukrainian Army.

The serviceman bought the Austrian-origin military utility vehicles by fund-raising through contacts, according to an 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade Facebook post.

“An active-duty serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with his business partners, purchased eight 2009 Pinzgauer armored vehicles for Ukrainian defenders at his own expense. He wished to not reveal his name,” the post read.

“It is only known about the philanthropist that in the pre-war period, he was a successful entrepreneur. He is now serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with a call sign Hora (Mountain), regularly helping the Army.”

Multi-purpose Vehicle

The statement added that two of the 2.5-ton vehicles have been handed over to the territorial defense combat brigades, while the rest are being delivered to the other branches of service.

Austrian vehicle manufacturer Steyr-Daimler-Puch and British BAE Systems built the vehicles until 2009. The multi-purpose vehicle can be used for medical evacuation, reconnaissance, support, and communication. 

“I do my job, I do what I have to do in such times. I will be where my help is needed the most. I know and understand all the needs. After the victory, I will definitely reveal myself,” Hora said while handing over the cars to the military.


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