Ukraine Developing Mine-Resistant Boots With Kevlar Sole

Ukrainian developers are working on mine-resistant boots for the country’s deminers.

They will be designed to deflect anti-personnel mine blasts and retain fragmentation, featuring a multi-layer sole of Kevlar, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Vitaly Polovenko said.

A mine-resistant boot with complete protection doesn’t currently exist.

In fact, the 2023 edition of the UN’s International Mine Action Standards section reportedly removed all references to “ballistic protective boots” because it provided a false sense of security.

mine-resistance boots
Ukraine is developing mine-resistance boots. Image: The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

To Save Limbs

The effort intends to prevent, or at least mitigate, blast-related injuries, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

“The main task of such footwear is to preserve the [sapper’s] limb,” Polovenko said.

“Our specialists from the Central Administration study various samples of such shoes. They are working on improving tactical and technical characteristics. According to the results of positive tests and the approved reference sample, such mine-resistant footwear will be provided for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he explained.

Most Mined Country

According to a 2022 estimate, 40 percent of Ukraine’s territory was reportedly riddled with anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines, making it potentially the most mined country in the world.

While anti-personnel mines are banned under the 1997 Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty, of which Ukraine is a signatory, anti-vehicle mines are not covered by the treaty.

A Human Rights Watch report accused both Ukraine and Russia of scattering mines in the country since the war began, causing civilian casualties.

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