Senegal Receives Third 58 S-Class Offshore Patrol Vehicle

French shipbuilder Piriou has delivered Cayor, the third and final 58 S-class offshore patrol vehicle (OPV) for the Senegalese Armed Forces, in Concarneau in northwestern France.

The handover concluded the OPV program signed in 2019, which covered the acquisition of three 62-meter (203 feet) ships for Senegal’s Maritime Defense and State Action at Sea.

Cayor’s first sister ship, Walo, was delivered in June 2023, followed by Niani in November. All three are set to take part in the army’s rescue, anti-trafficking, and anti-sea pollution missions.

Piriou President Vincent Faujour stated that the company’s teams in Dakar will remain committed to the program to ensure the ships’ operational availability.

“An important chapter has come to an end, but the story is not over yet: I’ve spoken about design, construction and training,” he said.

58 S-Class OPVs

Developed as a long-lasting multi-purpose OPV, the 58 S ships are capable of operating in surveillance, identification, and intervention missions, among other law enforcement drills.

The ships have a width of 9.5 meters (31 feet), a draught of 3 meters (10 feet), and are able to reach a maximum speed of 21 knots (39 kilometers/24 miles per hour).

Each unit houses two rigid-hulled inflatable boats on stern ramps, allowing it to deploy units in fast-paced missions.

Its other key features include MARTE MK2/N anti-ship missiles, SIMBAD-RC missile deployment systems, and a large panoramic bridge with 360-degree visibility, all combining to offer a 30-kilometer (19 miles) radius of first-rate deterrence and situational awareness.

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