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South Korea Conducts First High-Tech Military Training

The South Korean military has conducted its first brigade-level field training involving a cutting-edge combat simulation system.

According to army officials, an estimated 4,500 troops participated in the high-tech training at the Korea Combat Training Center in Inje.

During the 10-day exercise, participants utilized the multiple integrated laser engagement system to simulate combat scenarios and engage hostile forces without live ammunition.

South Korean soldiers also mobilized tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers, attack and utility helicopters to mimic real-life battle environments.

The event included a high-intensity session in which troops trained for four consecutive days.

The field training was held to enhance the combat capabilities of the soldiers amid persistent threats from North Korea.

Investments in Technology

Earlier this month, a state-owned military technology agency announced that South Korea is developing insect-inspired microrobots capable of performing covert surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The ant and bee-shaped robots are designed to infiltrate enemy camps without being detected.

South Korean engine manufacturer STX Engine also revealed that it is collaborating with German defense firm Vincorion to develop a hybrid engine system for next-generation combat vehicles.

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