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Netherlands Orders Smart Shooter SMASH Fire Control System

The armed forces of the Netherlands has ordered SMASH fire control systems from Israeli defense and technology firm Smart Shooter to increase the accuracy and lethality of its small weapons.

According to the company, SMASH is a combat-proven solution capable of ensuring that each round fired from small arms precisely finds its target.

It works automatically, bringing precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities to standard assault rifles and other small arms.

The system features a laser rangefinder and can target small, low-flying drones with advanced day and night vision capabilities. It is also designed to receive and display target information from an external sensor or detection system.

Smart Shooter says that the SMASH fire control system can provide soldiers with “precise, swift, safe, and simple” hard-kill elimination of enemy drones to a maximum range of 250 meters (820 feet).

In addition to assault rifles, the system can be integrated into various counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) platforms to provide an “effective” multi-layer defense solution for the modern battlefield.

The Dutch military tested the system before deciding to purchase it.

Once the systems are delivered, company local representative Technische Bureau H.A. Muller will provide logistics and direct support.

Dutch army trying the Smart Shooter.
Dutch army trialing the SMASH fire control systems. Photo: KPL Gregory Fréni/Dutch Ministry of Defense

‘Revolutionizing the World of Small Arms’

Smart Shooter chief executive officer Michal Mor said that the company is proud to provide leading solutions to the European nation as a “friendly force.”

Mor stated that Smart Shooter developed the system in the hope of “revolutionizing the world of small arms” and better-protecting soldiers and strategic infrastructure against evolving aerial threats.

The company is set to present the SMASH family of fire control solutions at the Enforce Tac exhibition in Germany on March 1, 2022.

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