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Raytheon Coyote Blasts Another Drone Mid-Air

Raytheon demonstrated the counter-drone capability of its Coyote Block 2+ drone in a newly released video, showing the unmanned vehicle blasting an unmanned aerial platform.

The one-minute 40-second video is from the US Army Integrated Fires and Rapid Capabilities Office 10-day summer testing period, the US defense manufacturer revealed.

Radars to Track Small Targets

The video shows the drone launch from a 4×4 Oshkosh Mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (M-ATV) and fixed palletized launch system, exploding just before contact with an incoming unmanned platform, destroying it mid-air.

The video reveals that the M-ATV is linked to Ku-720 mobile sensing radars while the fixed launcher is fitted with KuRFS precision targeting radar. According to Forbes, the KuRFS uses multiple small antennas to “spot, locate, and track small targets at long range,” including incoming mortars, rockets, and drones.

Coyote unmanned aircraft system
Coyote unmanned aircraft system on the tarmac of Avon Park Air Force Range in Florida. Image: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Non-Kinetic Variant

The variant’s turbine engine provides greater speed and more loitering time than its propeller-powered predecessor. Its four control fins around the tail make it more maneuverable.

Apart from taking out other drones, the Coyote can be employed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.

Raytheon also tested the Block 3 variant in a counter swarm drone exercise last July. Unlike the expendable, warhead-equipped Block 2, the Block 3 variant employs a non-kinetic warhead to destroy enemy drones and can be “recovered, refurbished and reused.”


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