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Counter-Drone Market Projected to Hit $6.5B by 2031

A new report is projecting that the global counter-UAS (anti-drone) market is estimated to reach $6.44 billion in 2031 from $1.57 billion in 2021, at a growth rate of 15.18 percent during the forecast period 2021-2031.

“The major driving factor for the market’s robustness is the need to monitor and maintain the growing number of satellites launched,” the report by Research and Markets revealed. 

The report said the players operating in this market are developing innovative offerings and are highly engaged in long-term agreements with either military organizations or government agencies. The research is also shedding light on emerging industries across the world. 

The counter-drone industry has blossomed in the last few years due to the broader adoption of UAVs as a result of a significant reduction in weight, cost, and size, improved battery life, and a heightened degree of autonomy in its operations.

“The initial adopters of counter-UAS technologies have been defense organizations; the C-UAV systems are now being installed at the critical infrastructure around the world,” the report added. “The tools and techniques used by militaries, defense organizations, and police include GPS spoofing, drone nets, RF jammer guns, among others, in the anti-drone system.”

It noted that some of the anti-drone systems use sensors to detect UAVs, identify threats using electro-optical/infrared imagery and RF emissions, and neutralize the threat posed by unidentified UAVs.

US Marine Corps tests Drone Killer Counter-UAS Technology. Image: Lance Cpl. Rhita Daniel/US Marine Corps

Counter-Drone Systems in Initial State

Despite “earning interest and popularity,” the report said that counter-drone systems are still in an initial stage, and countries need to spend on counter-UAS technology to penetrate through certain areas where the industry has been deficient.

The report argued that the defense end-user segment is expected to dominate the global counter-UAS market on account of the rising need to deploy anti-drone solutions at military bases. It said that North America is expected to dominate the global counter-UAS market during the forecast period.

Leading C-UAS Players

The report profiled the following companies as “leading and established players,” which provide counter-UAS systems for several end-users, covering approximately 65 percent of the presence in the market: 

  • Airbus S.A.S. 
  • Blighter Surveillance Systems 
  • Boeing 
  • Chess Dynamics Ltd. 
  • Dedrone GmbH 
  • DroneShield Limited 
  • Elbit Systems Ltd. 
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. 
  • Leonardo S.p.A. 
  • L3HarrisTechnologies 
  • Liteye Systems Inc. 
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation 
  • Northrup Grumman Corporation 
  • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. 
  • Raytheon Technologies Corporation

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