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General Atomics Tests Sonobuoy Dispensing System With MQ-9B

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has tested its Sonobuoy Dispensing System (SDS) using an MQ-9B SeaGuardian unmanned aerial system.

During the flight, eight AN/SSQ-53 and two AN/SSQ-62 sonobuoys, deployed to detect underwater threats, were dropped from the drone’s pod through an Aerea advanced pneumatic ejection system and were monitored by the onboard Sonobuoy Monitoring and Control System.

An MQ-9B can carry up to four SDS pods on its four wing stations, and each pod can accommodate up to 10 A-size sonobuoys or up to 20 G-size sonobuoys.

Sonobuoy Monitoring and Control System

The Sonobuoy Monitoring and Control System receives and processes acoustic signatures transmitted by sonobuoys and “generates target tracks, calculating speed, course, and depth on an integrated intelligence station.”

“This was a very successful demonstration of our SDS capability,” GA-ASI President David R. Alexander said.

“The demonstration helped us prove out the SDS, which is an important component for our Anti-Submarine Warfare capability.”

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