Thales Wins French Military Air Surveillance Systems Contract

Multinational aerospace firm Thales has been awarded a 10-year contract to provide logistics support for the French military’s national air command and control system (SCCOA).

Under the agreement, the defense company will ensure that the principal components of the air surveillance system will be sustained to meet the requirements of the French armed forces.

Thales will also be required to provide a “360-degree picture” of critical systems status and facilitate support planning to meet the French services’ operational needs.

Additionally, the contract stipulates that the firm must coordinate with the French defense ministry’s military aircraft maintenance service and 14 other companies and organizations for improved logistics support throughout the SCCOA system.

The SCCOA reportedly comprises more than 700 complex systems, including air defense radars, control centers, and ground-air communications and information systems designed to detect and defeat evolving aerial threats.

“The air command and control system plays a key role in airspace protection, enabling the French forces to conduct their missions effectively in France and in overseas theatres of operations,” Thales explained in a press release.

Ensuring Improved Performance

The logistics support contract is part of France’s VASSCO (VerticAlisation du Soutien du SCCOA) program designed to address current and future technological challenges the system may encounter.

The program would also provide a technical and logistics platform to combine the support capabilities of government and defense industries, enabling higher efficiency across the entire logistics support chain.

“We are delighted that the [aeronautical maintenance directorate] has renewed its confidence in Thales with this major award,” Thales vice president Christophe Salomon said. “VASSCO will guarantee higher performance of the components making up the French armed forces, which is a crucial part of France’s permanent air security presence.”

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