L3Harris Missile-Tracking Satellite Development Advances

American defense contractor L3Harris Technologies has been given the green light to develop and integrate its $193 million advanced missile-tracking satellites for the US.

The company received the approval of the Space Development Agency after completing a final design review. It revealed that the project will proceed through construction, integration, testing, and acceptance before the official launch in 2023.

L3Harris president Ed Zoiss asserts that the company’s new initiative demonstrates that “early missile warning and tracking missions can be efficient, affordable, and developed at a pace that keeps up with emerging threats.”

He also stated that the firm had already acquired subsystems and other materials needed for the project and began constructing the satellites while the final design review was being conducted to facilitate speedy deployment.

News about the speedy development of missile-tracking satellites came as China announced that it has successfully developed hypersonic missile technology, heightening concerns from countries around the world.

Last month, it was revealed that China conducted a hypersonic missile test, which military analysts say demonstrates its impressive technological advances.

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