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South Korea Develops Long-Distance Chemical Weapons Detector

South Korea has developed a technology that could detect chemical weapons early and monitor the spread of contamination caused by chemical attacks from a long distance.

According to the country’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD), the “Hyperspectral Imaging Stand-off Chemical Agent Detection System” would provide early warning of chemical warfare agent transmission in groundwater affected by fatal pollutants.

The technology will also allow an early response to chemical weapon threats by projecting the path of contaminant dispersal.

The detector could also reduce the amount of detection equipment needed, especially on reconnaissance aircraft.

ADD explained that the chemical agent detector was the product of nine years of research and development beginning in 2012. The agency said that the detector was developed for a variety of purposes, including the prevention of chemical accidents.

The technology will also assist the armed forces in taking countermeasures against terrorism, including attacks that utilize chemical, biological, and radiological weapons.

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