Russian Military Gears up for Network-Centric Warfare 

The Russian military is gearing up for network-centric warfare, connecting a range of weapon platforms and soldiers with a device, RIA Novosti reported, citing sources.

The unified tactical control system, developed by the state-backed Sozvezdie concern, creates a single information network, enabling data exchange between different components of the military in near real-time. It allows the command to receive “maximum information about the battlefield as a whole and about the state of individual combat units.”

One source the outlet spoke to explained that the kit “combine[s] the command of the formation, reconnaissance equipment, armored vehicles, artillery, air defense systems, drones, as well as personnel units in the reconnaissance and strike system.”

Interconnects Weapon Platforms

Another source explained that the military has equipped the Vistula division with the system, putting it on a range of platforms such as the T-14 Armata and T-90M tanks, MSTA-C self-propelled artillery, the Tosochka flame-thrower, and Orlan drones. 

He added that various communication vehicles and mobile command posts, including the Tor and Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile systems, have also been equipped with it.

The Russian military has also delivered the equipment to the Vislenskaya division, the outlet added, citing the Western military district press service.

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